ChatTTS: Free Text-to-Speech Online Powered By ChatGPT, Google & Microsoft

ChatTTS offers a free, high-quality text-to-speech service designed for conversational AI. ChatTTS supports multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Russian. With ChatTTS, experience natural and fluent speech synthesis powered by ChatGPT, Google, and Microsoft. ChatTTS is perfect for dialogue tasks, audio/video introductions, and more. Join the ChatTTS community and explore our open-source model to further research and development.

ChatTTS Voices

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ChatTTS Rate & Pitch

You can click and change the rate and pitch.

Both rate and pitch of ChatTTS are adjustable from 0 to 2

Both rate and pitch of ChatTTS are 1 by default

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatTTS?

ChatTTS is an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) model designed to convert written text into natural-sounding speech. It supports multiple languages, including Chinese and English, making it suitable for diverse applications.

What can ChatTTS be used for?

ChatTTS is versatile and can be used for:

1. Conversational tasks for language assistants.

2. Educational and training content.

How to use animate with Viggle AI?

1. Upload the image with a clear character.

2. Describe the motion you want your character to do (you can also select a motion template.

Is ChatTTS free?

ChatTTS is in beta version, and it's free to try for the main feature now.

Why Choose ChatTTS?

ChatTTS is specifically optimized for dialogue scenarios, ensuring superior performance in conversational applications. Its extensive training data, multilingual support, and customization options make it a unique and powerful tool for developers.

What makes ChatTTS unique compared to other text-to-speech models?

ChatTTS is optimized for dialogue scenarios, supports Chinese and English, and is trained on a large dataset. Its open-source base model promotes further research and development.

Does ChatTTS support multiple languages?

Yes, ChatTTS supports both Chinese and English, making it ideal for multilingual environments.

Supporting ChatTTS

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